We at Rent2Buy are a team of like minded people not too dissimilar to our typical customer, Put Simply a Family Orientated Bunch, we all have young families! To this end we understand as much as anyone the strains and barriers we all face in modern life.

This is why we put our customers needs at the centre of everything we do and being flexible is our top priority.

  • Our customers can choose a product to suit their budget.
  • Our customers can choose a repayment plan to suit what they can afford.
  • Our customers can choose a repayment day that suits them.
  • Our customers can repay early with no hidden fee’s.
  • Our customers can change there repayment day when they choose to. 
  • Our Customers know that using us you can spread the cost of hundereds of products across our online store with flexible repayments that are tailored to suit their budget.