As a responsible lender, Our priority is to ensure that under no circumstances we are not putting our customers in financial difficulty. To make sure any our loans are right for you, we need to know the following:

  • Are you unable to meet any of your current financial commitments?
  • Are you in a debt management plan with any current creditors?
  • Are you in arrears in any of your financial commitments?

If the answer is no to the above three points, you can apply for a loan from us.

You MUST have a UK Registered Debit Card in your name to make payments to us.


Not Eligible?

We ways carry out affordability checks including a credit check. If you are already currently struggling to repay credit, you are unlikely to be able to borrow from us and should seek debt advice.

Any checks we conduct can only assess your current position and do not consider any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. 

If you are unsure why we are unable to accept your application, or just want to find out a bit more, you can check your credit rating for free at



Sometimes a it could have been a simple mistake on your application, so check this page to see 5 main reasons why we decline applications and whether any apply to you. See our page why was I declined.