Hoover 8kg Washing Machine – White



  • 8kg Wash Load
  • 1400RPM Spin Speed
  • A Energy Rating
  • Rapid wash 14, 30 and 44 Mins
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & 5 Year Parts Guaranteed

“Dispatched Directly From The Manufacture. Please Allow Time For Delivery.”


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Weekly Payment Plan
Deposit £50
26 Weekly Payments £15.87
Additional Extras
Full 3* Year Guarantee Extra £4 per week
Installation and Recycle Extra £2 per week


Handle your families demanding laundry chores with the Hoover DXA68W3 Washing Machine and its 8 kg capacity capabilities.

Time and energy efficiency

A range of great programs allows the DXA68AW3 to take care of any laundry situation you throw at it, and does so efficiently. It’s rated A for energy efficiency, helping you save on your household bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

The intelligent KG mode weighs each load at the start of the cycle and adjusts water, time and energy so you only use what you need and not a drop more.

Specialised wash programs

The Hoover DXA68AW3 Washing Machine will handle your laundry, no matter what you need cleaning. With a choice of 12 programs you’ll be able to find one perfectly suited for heavily soiled loads and half loads that just need a rinse.

Choose from the Daily 59 minute or the Mixed cycle for everyday washing. For more specialised washes, choose the Wool & Silk or Lingerie to be gentle to your delicate garments.

The maximum spin speed of 1600 rpm reduces drying times.

Easy everyday

A large LED display allows you to see how much time is left on your chosen cycle so you can fit it in with your other chores. Turn the simple dial control to select the settings you want and let the DXA68AW3 Washing Machine do the hard work for you.

The auto clean function keeps your machine clean and well maintained, needing no additional attention at all.

With an intelligent wash system that constantly monitors and adjusts the washing process, the Hoover DXA68AW3 Washing Machine offers outstanding results whilst maintaining an energy efficient rating.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 8kg Load Capacity
  • 1400rpm
  • All In One Wash Technology “Ideal for all your weekly washing, wash whites and colours together in one load with outstanding results at 20 degrees”
  • A Energy Efficiency “Fantastic A energy efficiency, making this the ultimate efficient machine..”
  • Digital Display
  • 3D Dynamic Wash System “The totally redesigned drums use increased water pressure, curved paddles and a raised dome system to move the laundry in a 3-dimensional way, providing the innovative dynamics that ensures clothes are washed to the optimum performance. The new way to wash from Hoover”
  • Intelligent Wash System” The Intelligent Wash System uses highly advanced electronic controls to constantly monitor and adjust the wash process, resulting in optimum performance throughout the cycle. The system ensures that:a constant temperature is maintained for better cleaningthe spin process removes more water for quicker dryingthe drum revolves at exactly the right speed for better distributionthe water level matches the type of fabric and size of loaddetergent is directed to the heart of the wash for better utilisationand less waste.”
  • KG Mode“The intelligent sensor weighs the laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle, then adjusts the cycle time, water and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load.”
  • Variable Spin & Temperature
  • Start Delay (Up to 24hrs)

Hoover 8kg Washing Machine - DXA68AW3

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Weekly Payment Plan
Deposit £50
26 Weekly Payments £15.87
Additional Extras
Full 3* Year Guarantee Extra £4 per week
Installation and Recycle Extra £2 per week